Sights Of Paris

To find out what to see in Paris will be interesting and informative even for those who do not plan a visit to this hospitable city. Let's try to list the most significant and popular sights of Paris right now.

The Eiffel Tower

What is required to visit in Paris above all? Legendary construction, more than 320 meters high. The “column” of iron is a symbol of the city, and at night it is transformed due to the many thousands of colorful lights. There is an observation platform on the tower, allowing you to enjoy incredible views of the metropolis literally at any time of the day.

The Louvre Museum

Formerly a chic residence for kings, and now the most famous museum in the world will offer you an introduction to unique artifacts, canvases and prints, sculptural compositions, historical and artistic relics. Among the main attractions of the Louvre is the beautiful painting "Mona Lisa." Even if your trip is not connected with excursion plans, you should definitely visit this museum.

Triumphal Arch

The decree on the creation of the triumphal gate was given by B. Napoleon. The design is decorated with bas-reliefs and sculptures of generals and ordinary soldiers, winged maidens blowing fanfare. Note that Bonaparte himself did not see the final arch. As for modern people, then visit the local observation deck or museum to them. Napoleon, every tourist can now stand near the Eternal Flame. It is recommended to take a trip with a guide - you will learn a lot of interesting information about creating an architectural masterpiece.

Notre Dame Cathedral

Few places of interest in France boast such a huge fantastic power as Notre Dame de Paris. There are many myths and ancient legends associated with this place. The construction of the temple took two hundred years. The majestic building is decorated with a terrifying look of chimera, stained glass with beautiful roses, panels with figures of kings, bas-reliefs and lancet gates, which are attended by entertaining scenes of the Last Judgment. The sanctuary is located in the east of Side Island, and regularly announces the county with the sound of massive bells. Such excursions in Paris should not be missed by anyone.


Sacre Coeur Basilica

The building is located on the hill of Montmartre, and is designed to atone for the sins committed by the inhabitants of the city during the bloody days of revolutions and wars. Inside the temple, you can not only ask for forgiveness from the face of the Lord, but also enjoy the music of a huge organ.


Elysian Fields

A luxurious and glamorous place created for life and relaxation of the wealthiest people in the world. On the main highway there are boutiques of the most famous brands of the world, the best restaurants and hotels in Paris. The length of the boulevard, with a width of more than 70 meters, is 1915 meters. There are often held solemn celebrations and all kinds of processions of citizens.

Luxembourg Gardens and the Palace

The garden, with a scale of 26 hectares, was created at the direction of Maria Medici, and surrounds her ancestral suburban palace. Guests and residents of the metropolis can admire the sculptures, relax on the green lawns or walk along the paths. In the warm season, concerts and photo exhibitions in the fresh air are organized here. For entertainment there are: chess tables and playgrounds for bocce, tennis courts and squares with basketball rings, playgrounds for children and a miniature theater. Opposite the old palace is a unique fountain. If you do not know what to see in Paris in 1 day, but want to spend time admiring both architectural masterpieces and natural beauties, come here.